9½ Weeks - The sexy movie involving food

Top 5 Sexy Movie Scenes Involving Food.

Every movie has one or two memorable scenes in them. Whether they are funny or sexy or cringe worthy. Our favorite scenes are the sexy scene’s that involve food! Here are our top 5 favorite scenes.



#5 – When Harry Met Sally – While technically not a food scene, so to speak, this classic takes place at a New York institution – Katz’s Deli and has Sally in the throws of pleasure, albeit fake, and concludes with one of the best lines ever…”I’ll have what she’s having.”



#4 – Fast Times at Ridgemont High – High School, where kids go to learn the three R’s and all the wrong things about sex. In this classic scene, Pheobe Cates uses a carrot to teach Jeniffer Jason Leigh all about fellatio and most importantly – not to bite!


Apple pie that turned on - Food involved in sexy movie


#3 – America Pie – No matter what happens to Jason Biggs throughout his career he will forever be known as the guy who got it on with an apple pie….need we say more


Flashdance - lobster can be a sexy food


#2 – Flashdance – Jennifer Beals attention to her lobster and her removing the jacket to reveal the very skimpy lack of shirt under it is about all anyone needs to realize…lobster can be sexy!





#1 – 9 1/2 Week – Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke (Before the botched plastic surgery) an open freezer, Maraschino cherries, honey and all that flesh. What else can you ask for!

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