Mucho Mexicano w/ Wine


Discover your spicy inner self and eat with your hands- a double aphrodisiac!

In this 4 hour sensual cooking class, you will discover the mystics of aphrodisiacs and learn how to cook a feast for appetite and sex. You don’t always need a three-hour flight to enjoy a Caribbean state of mind!

The spicy party begins with some delish authentic Guacamole, followed by slow cooked chicken pastor tacos with charred pineapple and for dessert- Mexican chocolate covered ice cream sandwiches.


What’s Included?

Mucho Mexicano Cooking Class

  • Hands on Cooking Lesson
  • Knife Skills
  • Cooking Techniques
  • 3 Course Meal
  • 1 Bottle of wine per guest
  • Aprons are provided to borrow so you stay fancy and pretty
  • 4 Hour party time

You Will Learn:

  • What is an aphrodisiac?
  • How certain foods effect your body and libido
  • How to have fun and experiment with food
  • What foods are sexy
  • Product knowledge


The price of $295 includes the cost of the class for a couple (2 people), wine for both, instruction, and a priceless experience.


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