Italian Pasta Making Class w/ Wine

Ciao Belli! Take a moment to step into the designer shoes of an Italian and learn how to make homemade pasta.  Every guest will get a “hands-on” experience making the dough, working it and turning it into dinner.  We will divulge our secrets to the perfect pasta recipe, how to make fettuccine, linguini, and ravioli.  

Perfect your pasta skills with a lesson on making traditional Roman Pasta Carbonara and how to finish the ravioli with a brown butter, sage and pear sauce like a master Italian chef.  Discover  how to pair both pasta dishes with Italian wine. Our dinner/cooking party will end as we dip into a delicious tiramisu to share.

Enter as a novice and leave as an expert.

What You Will Learn:

Italian Pasta Making Class NYC

  • What flour to use
  • The perfect egg/flour ratio
  • How to work the dough
  • Using a Pasta making machine is EASY
  • How to cook the pasta to                     “al dente” perfection
  • The Italian way to Sauce
  • How to make Linguini, Fettuccine & Ravioli
  • Decadent sauces
  • Wine Pairing

What’s Included?

  • Hands on Cooking Lesson
  • Cooking Techniques
  • 3 Course Meal
  • Red or White Wine
  • Aprons are provided to borrow so you stay fancy and pretty
  • 4 Hour party time
  • Proper Italian pronunciation and hand gestures 🙏🏻

The price of $295 includes the cost of the class for a couple (2 people), wine for both, instruction, and priceless memories.

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|Essential Cooking Techniques

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