OMGarlic! – How to peel garlic, 2 different ways

Ever since I’ve been doing our couples cooking classes, not one class has gone by that everyone did not agree that they all LOVED garlic.  It’s so simple, but everyone loves it!  It’s the King of the basics and using the good ol’ basics makes food delicious! Yes, basics are the best. Using super good olive oil, fancy pepper and sea salt instead of Morton’s can make a huge difference.

One of my favorite basics, THE ONE I’ve loved the longest, is GARLIC. We all love it right? I began my garlic love fest back when I was about 3. My mom had a big piece of flank steak in the fridge marinating and pierced all over with big chunks of garlic.  She went to bed and when she checked on it in the morning- all the white garlic chunks were missing.  She clearly had no idea what had happened until she opened my bedroom door and was engulfed in a cloud of garlic haze!  The inquisitive toddler in me, checkout out that big piece of meat, sampled the garlic and decided to eat it all!  She said I smelled like garlic for days!

Garlic is still a fave.  One of my favorite Italian tricks is to make REAL garlic bread – rubbing fresh garlic on the bread makes all the difference. (join our Insatiable Italian Couple Cooking Class to find out yourself)!

Buuuuut let’s be honest, garlic is not the easiest thing to peel, smash and mince. Joel and I are happy to present to you 2 easy ways to peel garlicin seconds!

How to peel garlic – 2 different ways


Where to use this garlic then?

Just peeled- rub it on a piece of toasted bread to make an amazing crostini base, add the pieces into your dish that you are roasting (fish, chicken)
Minced- add it in every dish, try and find out where it fits the best – try mixing it with fresh mint and top your grilled zucchini and eggplant.
You have sooo many options!

AND: it’s good for you! Check here the 11 proven health benefits of garlic! (Link:

Be sure to tell us which way you prefer garlic and leave a comment below if you too LOVE garlic!


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