How to make a Spicy Hot Chocolate?

Who is turning into a Holiday Zombie?  Not in a bad way, but just in a way that you are running all over and don’t feel like you can slow down in this crazy city?  For me, the frenzy is really starting to kick in.  Now that I’m a Mom to a child that “gets” Santa, I have this inner pressure to do all the holiday things in the entire city.  WOW that sounds super insane.  The thing is, it’s GREAT for the kiddies, but what about my sweetie?  Pour thing is left to hold our coats and bags as we shop and smile as we meet Santa, friends and co-workers.

So I’m implementing – sexy pj and hot chocolate night!  Wednesday is MY night out, but instead, I’m using my night as date night.  Here’s the game plan: put kid to bed by 8:30, don sexy nighty, turn down the lights, put on some smooth tunes and whip up some yummy spicy hot chocolate.  Since it’s Date Night, I plan to add some Kahlua, but the recipe is the virgin version.

Remember to take a moment this holiday season – or hey I’ve heard that 1 out of 3 get engaged during the holiday season, so this might be the perfect drink for your proposal!  Enjoy your sweetie, just the two of you and some chocolate yumminess.

Ho Ho Ho, just one week to go!

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