Gooey and Yummy Baked Brie!

Well, it’s here!  The holiday season!  Yesterday my husband Joel and I, with our son Xander, went to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!  Holy Moley- WTF was I thinking?  I looked all over the website and it said “Good For All Ages”!  Yeah, not so much.  Since I thought it would be such a  great experience- we went with 2 other couples and both their 2 year olds.  It was a  mess, kids running up and down the aisles, one crying, the other two dancing and screaming- we were THOSE parents.  Anyway, it all ended after burgers with tons of laughs as the 9 of us piled into a Suburban and drove the streets of NYC, with holiday jingles and ice cream sundae high kiddos laughing like crazy!

Well, that is just the BEGINNING of the celebrations, two more weekends to go!  This coming weekend is my NYC family holiday party.  This is an ADULT only event.  So, bring on the booze, the stinky cheese, and pointy toothpicks!  We’re all bringing a little something to share at the table.  I have now mastered the oooooey, gooey, yummy melted brie cheese app.  We created this dish for our Bourbon, Burgers and Bacon Brownies class.  I am sure you and your friends will LOVE it- Brie cheese, bourbon, balsamic, bacon fat (no judgement), nuts and a touch of brown sugar.  It’s the perfect dish to warm people up, pair with wine and bourbon and to get tons of compliments- during our class I overheard:

“This is the BEST warm brie dish I EVER had”

“I cannot stop eating this, it’s so good”

Check out the video to master the recipe and then share the goodness with your NYC family- remember these are the people that you have CHOSEN to be in your family- so treat them well!

Enjoy this time, it really is great to be surrounded by people you love.

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