Easy and quick Cranberry Sauce – Thanksgiving Hack!

Thanksgiving Hack, Delicious Cranberry Sauce in 2 minutes

Growing up, I loved watching and helping my mom in the kitchen during the holidays. My mom is such amazing cook, everything she cooked seemed so elegant and fabulous! I never even saw cranberry sauce in a can until high school, when I went to my boyfriend house for Thanksgiving: the cranberry sauce was right out of the can, it actually looked like a red jelly can and kinda scared me!  It was definitely not as good as my mother’s.

The holidays always seem to be the occasion when you do your best, but here’s the thing: there is so much to do sometimes you HAVE to draw a line. The idea behind this now that I am an adult, a mother and a wife, being perfect is only for Martha Stewart.  Although I would love to follow in my mother’s perfect foot steps sometimes I just CAN’T.

SOO here is my solution, an easy Thanksgiving HACK: Easy and Quick Cranberry Sauce Recipe.


It’s easy, take canned cranberry sauce, add fresh orange segments, orange zest, a pinch of salt and fresh ginger! It’s as easy as ABC!

Please share with us what your favorite Holiday Hack is!

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