Delicious Edible Dreidels – Happy Hanukkah!

We are in Full Blown Holiday Mode!  Thanksgiving just happened last week, we are still making turkey sandwiches with the leftovers.  They lit the tree in Rockefeller Center on the 2nd and Hanukkah begins on the 6th.  As the Holidays fly at us so fast, it may seem hard to even find time to have fun.  But do not fret!  We have some fun times planned for you that taste even better than they are fun!

Did you all know that my name, Shani, is a Jewish name?  Yep- I’ve met a few people from Israel who have my first name as their last name.  I had an extra 20 minutes of screening when I visited Israel back in 2000, they couldn’t understand why I had a Jewish name but wasn’t a Jew.  I can tell you all that I was named after an actress named Shani Wallace who played “Nancy” in the movie “Oliver Twist”.  No idea the inspiration for her name, but that is how mine came about.

Even though I’ve never celebrated Hanukkah, I have celebrated Roshashana and other Jewish celebrations and have loved them!  So let’s share some time together and have some fun with these yummy edible dreidels.

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