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So it’s already December, the holiday music is playing all over Manhattan and the TV is filled with Holiday Shopping commercials… so it’s THAT TIME.  Whatever it is you are celebrating, the festive date will sneak up on you in minutes and what will you be wrapping up for your loved ones?  I love gifting presents to my friends and family. The feeling that you know them well enough to please them with a gift they didn’t expect is the best.  So, of course, I’m always looking for that GREAT gift and it’s been a while now that I have notice that experience gifts are gaining popularity and I think that’s awesome!

Here are some advantages of experience gifts over products:

EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°1: You don’t expect it.

A watch, a perfume a sweater? Please! Could you be more conventional? An experience as a gift is still very original and people don’t expect it. For sure you’ll get this amazing surprised look on the face of you friend, family or lover.

AFS Gift Cards

EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°2: The choice is infinite.

Ok, that is not a really convincing argument because it’s the same for products. But I have the feeling that you can get so much more creative with an experience! You can find whatever you want, from parachute jumping to surf lessons to salsa dancing to aphrodisiac cooking classes for couples…!

EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°3: You can’t go wrong.

As I said, the choice is infinite and you don’t have to know perfectly the person’s tastes and interests to make the right choice. An original date night will always please your partner, and a great moment with a friend is always fulfilling.

EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°4: You’re actually offering a memory.

You could think that an experience gift only lasts for the time of the activity.  Actually… it creates a memory and a memory is precious and forever! The person you’re gifting an experience to will be thankful for a long time after receiving it.

EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°5: You’ll probably enjoy it too!

Yes! Smart move: the person will invite you for sure, so… that’s a little like a gift to yourself!

We hope you have a happy season shopping for your sweetie- it’s part of the fun!

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Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift IdeasGift Certificates

Summer Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings.  An Appetite For Seduction Sensual Cooking Class is the perfect gift for your loving couple.  Whether that couple includes you or not, a night with us will be remembered forever!  The purchase of a GC costs $240* for the couple.  The couple may then sign up on their own to attend one of our regular group classes.  Our current 2015 classes include Insatiable Italian, From France with Love and Hogs and Kisses.  All group classes are intimate sized groups, the cost includes a 3 course meal, wine, instruction and an apron to borrow.  The class lasts about 4 hours.

Purchase a gift certificate for a group class now →

*Plus NYC tax.

Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Orale!!  So, according to my Mexican husband, Cinco de Mayo is about getting shit faced.  Obviously he is VERY patriotic.  It is in fact about celebrating Puebla (a state in Mexico) when they defeated the French and Napoleon’s army that resulted in Mexico maintaining their land.  Luckily for us we are dipping corn chips into Guacamole and not fried potatoes.

Here in the USA, we celebrate it more like how my husband does… eating Mexican food, drinking tequila and yes, getting shit faced.  So, how will you be celebrating?

AFS will be hosting a Cinco de Mayo Couple’s Cooking Class full of Guacamole, Chicken Tacos Pastor, Spicy Chocolate covered Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches and TEQUILA shots!

Sign up now- I remember one year waiting 2 hours for my tacos to be delivered, totally took the fun out of Fiesta.Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Food Cooking Classes


Steak and BJ Day is the “Happy Endings” of Valentine’s Celebrations

Ladies- Hope you had a Sweet Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  You know that day is all about your man expressing his love for you- you actually don’t even have to buy him a card for that day!  WHAT???  Guys are you reading this too?  You must be thinking BS!!!  But just wait… here’s a little secret- guys you have your very own holiday… it’s one month later on March 14th.  This holiday is believed to have started in 2002 by radio DJ Tom Birdsey, in Boston.  He was basically bitchin’ about Valentine’s Day and then proclaimed that men needed their own day- but it must be a manly day- no flowers, no chocolates, no fanfare… so the Steak and BJ (yes, Blow Job) day was born!  And so we conclude celebrating love on February 14th for women and then on March 14th for men with a “Happy Ending”.

The popularity of the day started of slow, but now it is a legit “holiday” and men all over the country are anticipating their hunk of meat and Blow Job!  With just three weeks left to plan your Steak and BJ Day, here are some ideas.


The Strip House

As its name would playfully indicate, the Strip House has a touch of adult swagger to it. Sarah Rufca once called it “bordello-red” and our editor, Margaret Downing, was amused to find that it walls are coated with nude photographs and its damask napkins are actually decorated with female figures that look like “silhouettes on truckers’ mud flaps.”

 Quality Meats

Everyone knows about Peter Luger, but when you want a place that is a cool and sexy as the price tag- stay in Manhattan and check out Quality Meats.


Appetite For Seduction:  Steak and a BJ Couples Cooking Class

Ladies, here’s your chance to give back to those men of your’s that treated you so well on Valentine’s Day.  It’s Steak and a BJ- cuz let’s face it- that’s what guys really want!  We’ve got the steak, but it’s up to you to provide the BJ- we will be serving ice cream on cones to the ladies… so you get some “practice” before the real thing.

 Spinach goat cheese salad

Steak au Poivre with Cognac Sauce

Smashed potatoes with bacon

Bourbon caramel sauce with ice cream


 Price of $326.62 includes the cost of the class for a couple (2 people), wine for both and tax.



In Depth Tour of the Steer:  Your man may like to EAT steak, but why not educate him on all there is to know about the different cuts of steak?  Giancarlo will answer all your beefy questions as he takes you on a tour from nose (well really neck) to tail while breaking down a whole side of beef.   In addition to going over all of the cuts that come off of a steer.


For you ladies… if you need to step up your BJ game- here’s the class for you!  Suck-n-Swallow- The Blow Job Classimages

The Price of Honor



Appetite For Seduction is proud to sponsor the premiere of The Price of Honor in NYC on February 8th!

Shani’s dear friend is the director and producer of The Price of Honor, and as a female entrepreneur it’s really important for us to continue to support women’s freedom and independence.

It should be a great premiere and we would love to see you guys there for a cultural date night!

Book now your tickets here and use the code “AFSDEAL” to get 10% off on each purchase.

Here are all the infos:

“The Price of Honor” Promotion Tour

New York City Premiere

February 8th, 2015 – 12pm

Cinema Village

22 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003


See you at the theater guys!

5 Relationship Turn-Offs You Ought To Remember!


1-Bad hygiene

This is by far the #1 turn-off! If you wake up feeling a little frisky, brush your teeth before waking your partner up! Personal hygiene is something you should keep up with throughout your relationship. It’s part of keeping the spark alive. It’s only right that the both of you take care of yourselves like you would if you just met and want to impress one another. You never want your significant other to think you USED to smell good.

2- No sense of humor

I mean come on, let’s face it, a corny joke is better than a straight face in a mate! Laughter is as important as oxygen and pizza. Women are turned on and charmed by a great personality and if a woman can get a man to laugh then she’s definitely on his good side. So how could you date or be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t laugh or try to make you laugh?

3-Not supportive

Being in a relationship with a person who is not supportive can be very draining. You wouldn’t be able to share anything with that person because they will always find something negative in what you are excited about. People need to be in relationships that empower each other and not feel like they are being put down all the time, this makes for a good balance between the two!


Okay, so laziness is an important turn-off. Being in a relationship is like a contract between the two of you, both parties need to take turns in daily tasks or better yet tag team it. Cleaning the apartment isn’t only a women’s job if both of you live there and taking out the trash isn’t just for the man. If someone is not picking up their weight then it’s easy for the other to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

5-Can’t cook!

Seriously, ordering food out for dinner may work for Carrie Bradshaw and Big but I’m pretty sure your partner is not going to like spending money everyday on takeout. Nothing beats a compliment to the chef (you) and wouldn’t you want to be able to make your partner’s meal with love instead of a stranger?

So let’s all stop for a second and acknowledge the fact that we’re actually not Princess Fiona, we’re all a lot more like Shrek with our shortcomings and flaws. The sooner we realize this and work on fixing it, the better our relationships will be!


This article has been written with the help of the Hello Cheri team. Hello Cheri is a new brand of tasteful and high-quality accessories at affordable prices. Check them out at


5 Date Night Ideas Your Man Will TOTALLY Agree To Do

Can’t believe we’re already in August!

Joel & I had the chance to enjoy the sun of Mexico for a few days, and it was AWE-SOME! But, for those of you who are stuck in NYC for the summer, and still want to spend some precious time with their beloved, here are some ideas for you… 

1. Love movies but don’t want to spend summer inside? Create your own movie night Al Fresco! 

All that you need is: 
– A blanket 
– A computer/pad– download your fav movie
– A nice picnic 
– A peaceful park/beach/rooftop
– Some candles if you feel romantic 

THAT’S IT! A cheap way to get unforgettable memories!


2. Wanna feel special and act as if you knew something about wine tasting? Visit a vineyard!

Long Island is what- one-hour away from Manhattan? And believe me- you can find wonderful vineyards to visit there!
Organize a romantic trip to Long Island and go wine tasting! The wine-growers will be happy to share their passion with you, and you’ll get out of there a little tipsy, just enough to smile naively and enjoy the trip back!


3. Feeling adventurous, but not too much ? Grab your paddles and go canoeing!

You’d love to go rafting, but don’t feel ready yet? Start with a nice afternoon on the Hudson River with your lover!
On Chelsea Piers, you can rent a canoe for FREE and enjoy the coolness of the river while tanning under a bright sun… and let him paddle!


4. Wanna impress him? Go dancing in Bryant Park!

Every Wednesday, in Bryant Park, dance lessons are organized, followed by dancing to live music.
Go there alone at 6pm, follow the class carefully, and tell him to meet you at 7pm, when the class is over and that live music starts. You’ll impress him with your moves!
He doesn’t even have to know that you just took a class…

5. Come spend a special night with Joel & I ? Try our new Mixology class! 

Autumn is coming, and when the weather goes grey, you’ll want to remember your summer nights… Book a Mixology class now before it’s too late, and come learn how to make that delicious Margarita you had on the beach in Playa del Carmen… remember ?





Book a Bachelorette Party!

Planning a bachelorette party? Maybe it’s for your best friend, a sister, or even yourself!

No matter what the case, you want it to involve something sexy, fun and even…edible? If all of this is sounding good so far – it’s time to book a sensual Appetite for Seduction bachelorette party!!

The bride-to-be will LOVE this unique night – one filled with wine, sex-talks and, of course, food!

Loving everything you’re reading…?


For more information, check out our Bachelorette Party tab.


Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates are Here!

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Don’t opt out for the usual dinner and chocolate routine and give the gift of a romantic cooking experience! This sensual class will make your friends envious of your unique and thoughtful gift.

We currently have two Valentine’s Day Lunches available. Check them out here!

If you can’t make it to any of these classes – give your baby an AFS gift certificate!! These GCs last for a year and you can apply them to any future class 😉

To buy a Gift Certificate – Click Here!