Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Orale!!  So, according to my Mexican husband, Cinco de Mayo is about getting shit faced.  Obviously he is VERY patriotic.  It is in fact about celebrating Puebla (a state in Mexico) when they defeated the French and Napoleon’s army that resulted in Mexico maintaining their land.  Luckily for us we are dipping corn chips into Guacamole and not fried potatoes.

Here in the USA, we celebrate it more like how my husband does… eating Mexican food, drinking tequila and yes, getting shit faced.  So, how will you be celebrating?

AFS will be hosting a Cinco de Mayo Couple’s Cooking Class full of Guacamole, Chicken Tacos Pastor, Spicy Chocolate covered Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches and TEQUILA shots!

Sign up now- I remember one year waiting 2 hours for my tacos to be delivered, totally took the fun out of Fiesta.Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Food Cooking Classes


Your Bachelorette Party Checklist

To be a successful MOH (Maid of Honor) you need the right tools to create an AWESOME Bachelorette Party for your BFF.  Follow this checklist when planning your event.

Bachelorette Cooking Classes

  1. Early Planning (hard to nail down a date for a bunch of girls, plan 6 months ahead)
  2. Budget- Give the girls an idea of how much the night or weekend will cost
  3. Activities- what does the bride like?
    1. Yoga
    2. Pole Dance Instruction
    3. Soul Cycle
    4. Spa days
    5. Fancy Manicure
    6. Cooking Classes
    7. Paining Classes
    8. Wine Tastings
    9. Food Tour
    10. Booze Cruise

4. Get the girl’s money in ADVANCE- everyone is coming to the party until they have to cough up the dinero, this will help you schedule the events, especially when minimums and maximums (number of guests) are important.

5.  Talk to the groom- Video tape (if possible) the groom-to-be answering questions about his future wife- during the girl time, ask the Bachelorette the same questions then playback his responses.  This is a great way to see how well the couple knows each and for the girls to get to know the groom better.

6.  Do something SEXY.  The Bachelorette Party should be something different from the Shower- add some sex somehow to pump up the LOVE factor before the nuptials.

  • Have each girl buy her a sexy pair of panties
  • Play “I NEVER” (crazy sex stories get revealed)
  • Do “Blow Job” shots, whip cream and all!

7.  Assign Jobs- put those ladies to work!

  • Transportation (UBER, limos, cabs etc)
  • Photographer- the social media whore of the group is best for this position (include #’s so you can find the photos later)
  • Accountant- make sure all the money is collected and accounted for.

8.  Decorations- Do something that makes the event fun and silly

  • Decorate the hotel room
  • Make group t-shirts to wear at Yoga
  • Make group water bottles
  • String the sexy panties from clothes lines in hotel room
  • Make Bachelorette wear a veil, a pin, a sash or a tiara

How to plan a Bachelorette Party

9.  Create a itinerary- let the girls know what events are mandatory and what things they can sleep through (this way no one’s feelings get hurt). The timelines, dress codes, the costs and when all payments must be made.

10. Talk to the Bride- ask her what her expectations are, what she WILL NOT do, what she wants to do and who should be there!

Good luck!  I’ll be planning my BF- Barbara Jurim’s Bachelorette Party later this year- will post pictures!



Steak and BJ Day is the “Happy Endings” of Valentine’s Celebrations

Ladies- Hope you had a Sweet Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  You know that day is all about your man expressing his love for you- you actually don’t even have to buy him a card for that day!  WHAT???  Guys are you reading this too?  You must be thinking BS!!!  But just wait… here’s a little secret- guys you have your very own holiday… it’s one month later on March 14th.  This holiday is believed to have started in 2002 by radio DJ Tom Birdsey, in Boston.  He was basically bitchin’ about Valentine’s Day and then proclaimed that men needed their own day- but it must be a manly day- no flowers, no chocolates, no fanfare… so the Steak and BJ (yes, Blow Job) day was born!  And so we conclude celebrating love on February 14th for women and then on March 14th for men with a “Happy Ending”.

The popularity of the day started of slow, but now it is a legit “holiday” and men all over the country are anticipating their hunk of meat and Blow Job!  With just three weeks left to plan your Steak and BJ Day, here are some ideas.


The Strip House

As its name would playfully indicate, the Strip House has a touch of adult swagger to it. Sarah Rufca once called it “bordello-red” and our editor, Margaret Downing, was amused to find that it walls are coated with nude photographs and its damask napkins are actually decorated with female figures that look like “silhouettes on truckers’ mud flaps.”

 Quality Meats

Everyone knows about Peter Luger, but when you want a place that is a cool and sexy as the price tag- stay in Manhattan and check out Quality Meats.


Appetite For Seduction:  Steak and a BJ Couples Cooking Class

Ladies, here’s your chance to give back to those men of your’s that treated you so well on Valentine’s Day.  It’s Steak and a BJ- cuz let’s face it- that’s what guys really want!  We’ve got the steak, but it’s up to you to provide the BJ- we will be serving ice cream on cones to the ladies… so you get some “practice” before the real thing.

 Spinach goat cheese salad

Steak au Poivre with Cognac Sauce

Smashed potatoes with bacon

Bourbon caramel sauce with ice cream


 Price of $326.62 includes the cost of the class for a couple (2 people), wine for both and tax.



In Depth Tour of the Steer:  Your man may like to EAT steak, but why not educate him on all there is to know about the different cuts of steak?  Giancarlo will answer all your beefy questions as he takes you on a tour from nose (well really neck) to tail while breaking down a whole side of beef.   In addition to going over all of the cuts that come off of a steer.


For you ladies… if you need to step up your BJ game- here’s the class for you!  Suck-n-Swallow- The Blow Job Classimages

The Price of Honor



Appetite For Seduction is proud to sponsor the premiere of The Price of Honor in NYC on February 8th!

Shani’s dear friend is the director and producer of The Price of Honor, and as a female entrepreneur it’s really important for us to continue to support women’s freedom and independence.

It should be a great premiere and we would love to see you guys there for a cultural date night!

Book now your tickets here and use the code “AFSDEAL” to get 10% off on each purchase.

Here are all the infos:

“The Price of Honor” Promotion Tour

New York City Premiere

February 8th, 2015 – 12pm

Cinema Village

22 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003


See you at the theater guys!

Gift An Experience This Season

So it’s mid November, the holiday music is already playing all over Manhattan and the TV is filled with Holiday Shopping commercials… so it’s THAT TIME.  Whatever it is you are celebrating, the festive date will sneak up on you in minutes and what will you be wrapping up for your loved ones?  I love gifting presents to my friends and family. The feeling that you know them well enough to please them with a gift they didn’t expect is the best.  So of course I’m always looking for that GREAT gift and it’s been a while now that I have notice that experience gifts are gaining popularity and I think that’s awesome!

Here are some advantages of experience gifts over products:

EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°1: You don’t expect it. 

A watch, a perfume a sweater? Please! Could you be more conventional? An experience as a gift is still very original and people don’t expect it. For sure you’ll get this amazing surprised look on the face of you friend, family, lover.



EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°2: The choice is infinite. 

Ok that is not a really convincing argument, because it’s the same for products. But I have the feeling that you can get so much more creative with an experience! You can find whatever you want, from parachute jumping to surf lessons, to salsa dancing to aphrodisiac cooking classes for couples…!


EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°3: You can’t go wrong.

As I said, the choice is infinite and you don’t have to know perfectly the person’s tastes and interests to make the right choice. An original date night will always please your partner, and a great moment with a friend is always fulfilling.


EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°4: You’re actually offering a memory.

You could think that an experience gift only lasts for the time of the activity.  Actually… it creates a memory and a memory is precious and forever! The person your gifting an experience to will be thankful for a long time after receiving it.


EXPERIENCE VS PRODUCT N°5: You’ll probably enjoy it too!

Yes! Smart move: the person will invite you for sure, so… that’s a little like a gift to yourself!


We hope you have a happy season shopping for your sweeties- it’s part of the fun!



5 Relationship Turn-Offs You Ought To Remember!


1-Bad hygiene

This is by far the #1 turn-off! If you wake up feeling a little frisky, brush your teeth before waking your partner up! Personal hygiene is something you should keep up with throughout your relationship. It’s part of keeping the spark alive. It’s only right that the both of you take care of yourselves like you would if you just met and want to impress one another. You never want your significant other to think you USED to smell good.

2- No sense of humor

I mean come on, let’s face it, a corny joke is better than a straight face in a mate! Laughter is as important as oxygen and pizza. Women are turned on and charmed by a great personality and if a woman can get a man to laugh then she’s definitely on his good side. So how could you date or be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t laugh or try to make you laugh?

3-Not supportive

Being in a relationship with a person who is not supportive can be very draining. You wouldn’t be able to share anything with that person because they will always find something negative in what you are excited about. People need to be in relationships that empower each other and not feel like they are being put down all the time, this makes for a good balance between the two!


Okay, so laziness is an important turn-off. Being in a relationship is like a contract between the two of you, both parties need to take turns in daily tasks or better yet tag team it. Cleaning the apartment isn’t only a women’s job if both of you live there and taking out the trash isn’t just for the man. If someone is not picking up their weight then it’s easy for the other to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

5-Can’t cook!

Seriously, ordering food out for dinner may work for Carrie Bradshaw and Big but I’m pretty sure your partner is not going to like spending money everyday on takeout. Nothing beats a compliment to the chef (you) and wouldn’t you want to be able to make your partner’s meal with love instead of a stranger?

So let’s all stop for a second and acknowledge the fact that we’re actually not Princess Fiona, we’re all a lot more like Shrek with our shortcomings and flaws. The sooner we realize this and work on fixing it, the better our relationships will be!


This article has been written with the help of the Hello Cheri team. Hello Cheri is a new brand of tasteful and high-quality accessories at affordable prices. Check them out at


How to be a culinary goddess?

You’ve been trying as hard as you can to convince your friends that you perfectly know how to cook, but they still giggle when you invite them over for a home-cooked dinner? Here are your 11 commandments to become a culinary goddess. Make sure almost everyone arrives while you are cooking, as you’ll see, appearances are crucial.

1. Wear an apron
And don’t hesitate to stain it. Yes you’ll have to clean it afterwards, but trust me it’s worth it. Nothing looks more professional than a stained apron. (Btw if you want your own AFS apron, click here!)

2. Delegate
Someone offers help? Don’t you say no! You’ll make a better impression in giving precise orders than in pretending to be independent and ending up with a starving crowd waiting for your dinner.

3. Get impressive accessories
And please know how to use them. Get mandolines, hullers, and everything you can find. These are actually making your life easier while giving an impression of professionalism.


4. Don’t use any recipe!
You have taste, don’t you? Then use it! You know what you like to eat, and as long as it it not too weird, people will like it. You can check a few tricks before your guest come, but when they are there, unleash your creativity and create your own recipe!

5. Know how to spice it up
Knowing how to use spices is very useful. A simple chicken breast can become a cooking masterpiece with a few well chosen spices. Imagine yourself handling all those boxes, sparkling mysterious powders while your guests are looking at you… You’re amazing.


6. Find an impressive name
Mac’n’cheese? No way! « Spicy Macaroni Pasta Casserole topped with Cheddar Cheese ». If you manage to add « French » or              « Italian » in the name, you’ve won.

7. Try everything before serving
Yes, you may look amazing, but don’t get too confident.  Remember to test everything (the taste and the cooking time) before serving. Trust me. Try before.

8. Make it look good

poulet moche  VS  poulet beay

9. Make it look good

I can’t stress that enough. Eating uses your five senses.  If it looks wonderful, that’s the first step!

10. Put all your love in it


Trust me, it makes the food taste better.


11. If it’s still not satisfying, get them drunk!
 If your meal didn’t turn out as delicious as you wanted it to…and I mean if it turned out actually bad, your best bet is to get everyone drunk!  Drunk people will eat anything and still love it!


Let us know any culinary tricks you may have- we’d love to add it to our list!

5 Cocktail Recipes That Will Arouse Your Partner

Did you really think that you were going to seduce him with this Cuba Libre?  No way!  Everyone knows that it’s no different from a Rum & Coke!

As you may know, our first Mixology classes started a few weeks ago, and so far, they have been a real success.  Joel is having a blast teaching Mixology, and his students have created very inspired and unique signature cocktails!  If you still haven’t booked one of our Mixology classes, and you crave learning how to make one of those delicious aperitifs you sipped on a rooftop this summer, click here before the menu changes!

If you booked your class and you are too impatient, here are 5 of our favorite cocktails from Mixologist bloggers:

Ginger Mint Julep
by Mama knows her cocktails

2 ounces extra nice bourbon
3 – 4 mint leaves for muddling, and a sprig for a garnish
4 – 6 ounces ginger beer

In the bottom of  a large glass, muddle the mint leaves in the bourbon.
Add a generous amount of ice (crushed is the traditional way, cubes are just fine).
Top off with ginger beer. Garnish with the sprig of mint.



South of the Brooklyn Border
by Lynnette Marrero, seen on The Alcohol Professor 

1.5 oz Owney’s White Rum
.75 oz Lime Juice
.75 oz Passion fruit juice
.25 oz Orgeat syrup
.5 oz Orange curaçao
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Shake all ingredients with 2 ice cubes.
Strain over crushed ice.
Garnish with mint.


Southern Buck
by Manhattan with a twist

1 1/2 oz. Wild Turkey Rare Breed
1/2 oz. peach liqueur
1/2 oz. lemon juice
Ginger beer

Build on cubed ice and top with ginger beer.
Stir. Add a straw and garnish with a large mint sprig.


Raspberry Chocolate Kiss
by STK Restaurant, seen on Citysip


Picture: Citylust

3 muddled raspberries
2 1/2oz Belvedere Vodka
1/2 oz creme de cocoa
1/2 mint infused simple syrup
Splash cranberry juice

Chocolate graham cracker crust rim
Garnish with 1 Hershey Kiss at bottom of martini glass



Smoke on the Water
by The Australian Bartender

1 3/4 oz Stolichnaya Premium Vodka
2 1/2 oz St. Germain
2 drops of saline solution
2 dashes of Adam Elmegirab’s Aphrodite Bitters
Mezcal to rinse

Stir down all ingredients except Mezcal.
Rinse a coupe glass with Mezcal, discarding the excess.
Strain into glass, serve.


How To Go Nuts On Your Honeymoon? Make Your Hubby’s Food Fantasy Come True!

After a successful wedding, honeymoons are all about enjoying: drinks, food, and sex, in particular. So why not learn how to be the perfect wife and make one of your husband’s Food Fantasies come true?

At the end of each of our Sensual Cooking Classes at AFS, we ask the guests to tell us their Food Fantasies.  Over the years I’ve compiled folders and folders of these fantasies.  It’s been delightful listening to that man who wants to cover his naked wife (who’s wearing a Dairy Queen hat) with the Dairy Queen cherry sauce and to lick it off of her.  Or that woman who wants to swim in a pool full of warm chocolate, eating the graham cracker raft and drinking champagne.  I myself had my own Food Fantasy come true- my husband surprised me with the most AMAZING taco tasting EVER.  We were in Puerto Vallarta and I had mentioned that I LOVED tacos but I wanted to try “real” tacos.  We began with a Corona at 11am, drove all over PV tasting the best Carnitas, the Barbacoa from a street truck in front of the Soriana (in Mexico street trucks are more like wagons).  We even had tacos with all the hotel employees on the side of the road, made from the back of a pick-up truck!  That tasting went on for hours and when I could barely stand any longer we crashed on the bed and napped.  Food Fantasy – CHECK!  It was such a delightful surprise and so thoughtful, it is truly one of my favorite memories!  Take some of our advice and create or fulfill your own Food Fantasies.

samantha sushi


Remember this scene from Sex & The City, when Samantha covers herself with sushi? Send him out for a nice massage, sensual enough for him to start feeling aroused. Meanwhile, order dozens of sushi from room service, set up a romantic atmosphere, and strategically cover your body with them a few minutes before he comes back – if you remember the movie, waiting for hours in this position is not very comfortable


Your beloved is more into dessert? Become a human ice cream sundae! The W-Hotel has a “sex in the sheets pack” including a choice of blue fin ice cream by the pint, butterscotch sauce, chocolate sauce, sweetened whipped cream, and marshmallows. They even thought about the plastic sheets and… a Polaroid disposable camera!

wine tour

Your whole honeymoon can be all about your Food Fantasy! You share a passion for French wine, Italian cuisine or even American BBQs? Set up an entire tour for your honeymoon. Unforgettable memories!


2 weeks away and feeling home sick? Had enough sightseeing, pool time or activities and just want to chill out?  Set up the room to make it look like home, put on one of his large T-shirts and your panties and order the most homey food you can find (10 days of Pad Thai can create SERIOUS hamburger cravings!)  Then share a nice bubble bath, a bottle of champagne and strawberries… A good omen for the rest of your marriage!


Check Food Fantasy off the list and then share your next food fantasy with your sweetie- remember your anniversary is just 1 year away, and this is a great anniversary gift idea!