5 Date Night Ideas Your Man Will TOTALLY Agree To Do

Can’t believe we’re already in August!

Joel & I had the chance to enjoy the sun of Mexico for a few days, and it was AWE-SOME! But, for those of you who are stuck in NYC for the summer, and still want to spend some precious time with their beloved, here are some ideas for you… 

1. Love movies but don’t want to spend summer inside? Create your own movie night Al Fresco! 

All that you need is: 
– A blanket 
– A computer/pad– download your fav movie
– A nice picnic 
– A peaceful park/beach/rooftop
– Some candles if you feel romantic 

THAT’S IT! A cheap way to get unforgettable memories!


2. Wanna feel special and act as if you knew something about wine tasting? Visit a vineyard!

Long Island is what- one-hour away from Manhattan? And believe me- you can find wonderful vineyards to visit there!
Organize a romantic trip to Long Island and go wine tasting! The wine-growers will be happy to share their passion with you, and you’ll get out of there a little tipsy, just enough to smile naively and enjoy the trip back!


3. Feeling adventurous, but not too much ? Grab your paddles and go canoeing!

You’d love to go rafting, but don’t feel ready yet? Start with a nice afternoon on the Hudson River with your lover!
On Chelsea Piers, you can rent a canoe for FREE and enjoy the coolness of the river while tanning under a bright sun… and let him paddle!


4. Wanna impress him? Go dancing in Bryant Park!

Every Wednesday, in Bryant Park, dance lessons are organized, followed by dancing to live music.
Go there alone at 6pm, follow the class carefully, and tell him to meet you at 7pm, when the class is over and that live music starts. You’ll impress him with your moves!
He doesn’t even have to know that you just took a class…

5. Come spend a special night with Joel & I ? Try our new Mixology class! 

Autumn is coming, and when the weather goes grey, you’ll want to remember your summer nights… Book a Mixology class now before it’s too late, and come learn how to make that delicious Margarita you had on the beach in Playa del Carmen… remember ?





5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas


5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas

AFS Cocktail Parties

Ready to invite your friends to something cool and exciting for your birthday this year?  Me too!  As my birthday approaches on April 20, I am in search mode trying to come up with some good ideas.  I’m sure you all are thinking- “isn’t 4/20 already a holiday?” yes, yes it is to some, but this girl needs more than sitting on the couch flying.

 So here are some ideas I found and just might book-

 1.  I kinda like the idea of running around the city with your friends, having drinks and playing adult games- just hope the day is nice!

Accomplice The Show  www.accomplicetheshow.com

$80 or $65 per person 10-11 people

Accomplice is a theatrical scavenger hunt.  The world becomes your state during this urban exploration.  Party cafe crawl, part immersive theatre, Accomplice transports its participants into a world of secrets, clues and mystery.  Bars, street corners and iconic landmarks take on new depth and meaning as you stroll through historic neighborhoods carrying out a mission.  Lines between reality and play are blurred as actors send you from place to place, leaving you asking, “Who’s in on this? Who’s not?”

 2.  Everyone knows I’m a sucker for funny sex stuff- I”m pretty sure my husband and guy friends will laugh at this as well!

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

$71.95 The Wet Zone (Reg. $89.95) – includes a FREE drink!
$55.95 Front Section (Reg. $69.95)
$39.95 Rear Section (Reg. $49.95)
They even offered me and my peeps (including you!) a bday discount!
PHONE: Call 866.811.4111 and mention code RRTIPS

In this hilarious new comedy based on the best-selling book of the same title, audiences are welcomed into a fun-filled world of insider advice that could only be culled from that most insightful of individuals: the gay man.  The play is set at a local university auditorium where the English department holds its monthly meet the authors event.  Robyn is the shy and studious moderator of the event and this month’s featured author is Dan Anderson of Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.  With the help of a hunky staged assistant named Stefan, Dan aims to turn this meet the authors event upside down with a highly theatrical, audience interactive sex tip seminar.  Will Stefan’s muscles be used for more than moving more than heavy scenery?  Will the power of Dan’s tips prove too titillating for even Robyn to resist?  As with everything at this event…that is for Dan to know, and you to find out!

Written by: Matt Murphy
The 777 Theatre – 777 8th Avenue
 They even offered me and my peeps (including you!) a bday discount!
Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays at 7pm, Thursdays at 8pm,
Fridays at 7pm & 10pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm and Sundays at 7pm
RESTRICTIONS:  Regularly $49.69-$99.69. Offer may be revoked at any time and is subject to availability.  Not valid on prior purchase. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions; blackout dates and restrictions may apply.


3.  You all know how I LOVE me some astrology and tarot card reading… Could be a fun event if it’s a rainy day- I’ll make some snacks and Joel will make the cocktails- let the festivities begin!

Tarot NYC  www.tarotnyc.com

For your party you can get one reader to come and give about 13 readings in 2 hours.  Of course you can ask them to stay longer for bigger parties.


4.  A cooking Class is of course a unique birthday party idea!  I’ve got cooking down, but what about making Pizza?

Pizza A Casa www.pizzaschool.com

$165 per person- drinks are additional

Join us for 4 hours of hands-on pizza making (and eating!)  Yes, you can make incredible pizza in your home kitchen and here’s where you’ll learn how.  You’ll start by mixing up the most workable dough you’ve ever made (or never made— beginners are welcome) and then go step-by-step through every detail of how to stretch, top and bake your pizzas to perfection.  Come with your appetite— you will leave full and loaded with leftovers, dough for your next pizza feast, and the confidence to make your own unique pizzas that will have your friends and family talking and your favorite pizzeria wondering where you’ve been!


5.  Or for a fabulous and unique way to celebrate your birthday in NYC- you could book your own private Cocktail Class.

Appetite For Seduction www.appetiteforseduction.com

$800 for up to 12 guests Mon-Wed, $900 for Thurs-Sun up to 12 guests

Learn from Mixologist Professor Malowey how to create a perfect cocktail.  He will divulge the delicate balance between spirits, acid, sugar and flavor.  Learn how to make a classic cocktail, a modern twist on a classic and then… put your newly learned skills to work as you and your partner create your very own signature cocktail.  By the end of the class you will feel confident and sexy using your bar shaker as you muddle, shake, stir and strain your very own concoctions.  After 3 cocktails, you may need a little nosh- don’t worry we have you covered- and we don’t mean a bowl full of bird seed, a little something yummy to tide you over till dinner time!

Book a Bachelorette Party!

Planning a bachelorette party? Maybe it’s for your best friend, a sister, or even yourself!

No matter what the case, you want it to involve something sexy, fun and even…edible? If all of this is sounding good so far – it’s time to book a sensual Appetite for Seduction bachelorette party!!

The bride-to-be will LOVE this unique night – one filled with wine, sex-talks and, of course, food!

Loving everything you’re reading…?


For more information, check out our Bachelorette Party tab.


Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates are Here!

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Don’t opt out for the usual dinner and chocolate routine and give the gift of a romantic cooking experience! This sensual class will make your friends envious of your unique and thoughtful gift.

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8 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

As the first day of winter quickly approaches and the temperatures drop we’ve created a cheat sheet for you to stay warm all winter long.

Stay warm in winter1.  Shake it Baby Shake it- Get dancing!  Remember back to your rave days- turn down the lights, grab your glow sticks and shake your money maker.  Moving around releases endorphins which increases your mood and your blood circulation.  The more you blood moves through your body-
2.  Eat Garlic!  Not only does it fight off vampires (there are so many of those around these days) it is also believed to heat the body and awaken sexual desire according to The Philosophy of Natural Magic, by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, L. (W. de Laurence 1913)
3. Take a Bath– you and your rubber ducky will feel much warmer and relaxed after a nice soak in the tub.
4.  Hang our with your peeps– Spending time with the people that make you feel good do just that- the make you feel all “warm and cozy” and that feeling literally will make you feel warmer.
5. Eat Fat Foods!  Well just the one’s that have good fats in them- chow down on avocados, nuts, eggs, olive oil, salmon and tuna.  These foods help the body regulate its temperature- if you diet is deficient in fat, you will feel colder.
6.  Take a drink break- hot tea, hot coffee, hot toddy... whatever- the warm liquid warms your from the inside out and defrosts those cold hands as well.
7. Get Spicy– many spices warm you from within- try ginger, cinnamon and of course chiles!  If you’re really cold- try eating spicy foods and you may even break a sweat.
8. Take off your socks and snuggle!  Under the covers bare feet on bare feet will warm you up much faster than socks- and cuddling releases that feel good hormone, oxytocin that reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

To warm things up exponentially- do any and all of these suggestions with your partner.  Spending time with your Sweetie will make you feel good, increasing your mood and warming you up even more.

Sizzle Up Thanksgiving with Delish Dinner Ideas for Two

Ohh Thanksgiving. Honestly it’s one of my favorite holidays, I think because I like the fact that all of us Americans are eating a version of the same meal on the same day, at almost the same time. Don’t you just love to feel that connected to everyone? Of course I LOVE the Thankful aspect too! This year we’ll be making vision boards with one side all the things we’re thankful for and the other side with pictures of all the things we want.

Even though Thanksgiving is a major holiday to be spent with lots of family, sometimes it’s just not possible to make the trip to visit loved ones. This year our Thanksgiving celebration will be for two. Well actually we will be three, however our four month old son really doesn’t count since he’s still a breast man. So I have to look at Thanksgiving in a different way in order to make a delicious dinner for two. I’m pretty sure we don’t need a 12 pound turkey. But what we do need is a combo of great ideas and traditional dishes made in small form.

Since we are just two and our leftovers aren’t going anywhere, it’s important to think about what sides you love the most, in order to have leftovers of that dish.  I’m also a bit of a cheater- I don’t want to skip any element. I want turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing,  gravy, yams/sweet potatoes or a sweet squash, string beans a salad and some kind of pumpkin dessert. But dang! That’s A LOT of cooking for just me to do- so here’s my game plan:

Thanksgiving Dinner for TwoHow to make a Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner for two

1. Roast a turkey breast or make a stuffed turkey roll from a boneless breast.
2. 1 Acorn squash cut in half and stuffed with butter, maple syrup and marshmallows (instead of a bunch of yams)
3. Buy ready made cranberry sauce, add fresh orange and ginger.
5. Quick sautéed hericot verts with garlic olive oil and almonds
6. Mashed potatoes (no substitute for this dish in my book)
7. Stuffing- buy 1 loaf of sourdough use half for the stuffing and other half to make leftover sandwiches.
8. Buy already prepped mire poix (celery, onion and carrots) use it for the stuffing and gravy.
9. Make a salad with mixed greens, pre cooked beets, goat cheese, apples, pistachios and a cinnamon, balsamic honey dressing.
Buy a good mini cheesecake, top it with pumpkin pie filling.

And then be thankful you have the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner without all the hard work.

Classes Available!

Dinner at a restaurant – ugh cliche’ is sooo boring! But that’s not YOU! You’re hip, cool and believe you’re partner is worth so much more. Which is why you are going to attend an interactive, entertaining, and intoxicating evening (think dinner party meets cooking class) at Appetite For Seduction. You’ll unlock the secrets to creating a sensual meal for two. Our goal is to teach couples that the first ingredient to any dish is love. These dinner classes combine this main ingredient with aphrodisiacs to create a mouth-watering menu that will induce romance, stimulate seduction and spark passion. Throughout the evening, you’ll discover how to prepare aphrodisiacs and understand their effect on the libido as well as their romantic history. You’ll also awaken your five senses and understand how fiery foods can stimulate your sexual appetite. Our classes include a 3-course dinner, a choice of red or white wine and instruction. Following a class, every person will receive an email copy of the recipes.

Book now!

If You Like it – Put a Ring on It!

Sure, getting down on one knee in the middle of the restaurant is romantic, but lately people have kicked it up a notch with their proposals – making it a public affair.

Top Three Amazing Marriage Proposals*
*May inspire you to propose to your babe all over again

1. Lip-Sync Proposal
Here is one of my favorite proposals – incorporating Bruno Mars’ “Marry you” and a fabulous dance routine performed by family and loved ones. You can tell that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this amazing proposal. (This video was the inspiration for this post!)

2. Movie Trailer Madness

This is an AWESOME idea for your movie-lovers out there. We saw a couple of these movie trailer proposal and we thought this one had the best plot and outcome! (Spoiler alert – there’s a dance finale that really makes this proposal stand out!)

3. Flash Mob Dance Off

There’s nothing better than your girlfriend/boyfriend having no idea about the proposal – even while it’s happening right in front of her/him! We just love the girlfriend’s reaction when her boyfriend jumps into the dance routine – she was DEFINITELY surprised.

There is nothing sexier than showing your romantic side – there’s no shame in telling the whole world that you love someone. I hope this post inspired you to go out there and show your babe how much you love her/him (and maybe gave you a few ideas)!

July Baby Sale!

What an awesome month July is!  Independence day, Mercury goes direct AND our baby was born (July 13)!!

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