How To Spice Up Your Pancakes!

The most sensual aroma for men mixed with pancakes! No clue?

It’s Pumpkin Spiced Syrup!

People- it’s Pumpkin Time!  Everywhere I turn there is a Fall treat for me to try that is pumped up with Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spices.  This does NOT come to a surprise to me.  I’ve known for years that the scent of pumpkin spice is the most sensually alluring smell for men.  Yes this is true check out this article with scientific proof! 

So how to choose which pumpkin dish to treat your sweetie to?  Now that it’s cold out, I’m a big fan of lazy Sundays.  Why not lounge around the house in your jammies and enjoy a delicious brunch?  But don’t F&%k it up!  Many, really many, restaurants do!  I see pumpkin pancakes on every menu and not one of them has delivered!  Here’s why- pumpkin has too much liquid to make delicious pancakes.  So don’t fight it.  Instead, get that warm, earthy, sweet and spicy yumness with this fabulous Pumpkin Syrup recipe.  Make up some fluffy, hot plain pancakes and top them with this to die for syrup.  Now we are talking!  So so so good!
How To Make Pumpkin Syrup!

The recipe for Pumpkin Syrup for delicious pancakes

1 cup water

1 cup light corn syrup

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 butter

1/3 cup pumpkin puree

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon ground allspice

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Bring corn syrup, water, brown sugar, and butter to a rolling boil. Whisk pumpkin, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon into corn syrup mixture; cook, stirring constantly, until flavors blend, 5 to 10 minutes. Serve hot.

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OMGarlic! – How to peel garlic, 2 different ways

Ever since I’ve been doing our couples cooking classes, not one class has gone by that everyone did not agree that they all LOVED garlic.  It’s so simple, but everyone loves it!  It’s the King of the basics and using the good ol’ basics makes food delicious! Yes, basics are the best. Using super good olive oil, fancy pepper and sea salt instead of Morton’s can make a huge difference.

One of my favorite basics, THE ONE I’ve loved the longest, is GARLIC. We all love it right? I began my garlic love fest back when I was about 3. My mom had a big piece of flank steak in the fridge marinating and pierced all over with big chunks of garlic.  She went to bed and when she checked on it in the morning- all the white garlic chunks were missing.  She clearly had no idea what had happened until she opened my bedroom door and was engulfed in a cloud of garlic haze!  The inquisitive toddler in me, checkout out that big piece of meat, sampled the garlic and decided to eat it all!  She said I smelled like garlic for days!

Garlic is still a fave.  One of my favorite Italian tricks is to make REAL garlic bread – rubbing fresh garlic on the bread makes all the difference. (join our Insatiable Italian Couple Cooking Class to find out yourself)!

Buuuuut let’s be honest, garlic is not the easiest thing to peel, smash and mince. Joel and I are happy to present to you 2 easy ways to peel garlicin seconds!

How to peel garlic – 2 different ways


Where to use this garlic then?

Just peeled- rub it on a piece of toasted bread to make an amazing crostini base, add the pieces into your dish that you are roasting (fish, chicken)
Minced- add it in every dish, try and find out where it fits the best – try mixing it with fresh mint and top your grilled zucchini and eggplant.
You have sooo many options!

AND: it’s good for you! Check here the 11 proven health benefits of garlic! (Link:

Be sure to tell us which way you prefer garlic and leave a comment below if you too LOVE garlic!


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Best Burger at Home Recipe

Who doesn’t LOVE a BURGER?  The thing about burgers is that they are RARELY amazing.  How to become Master of Patty Meat?  Let me share with you the secret….

It’s all in the BEEF!
This video and recipe has the inside scoop on how to make a truly AMAZING Burger- at home!  

With Football Season in full effect- Sunday Night, or Monday Night or Thursday Night- are perfect nights for trying this recipe!  I PROMISE you will NEVER go back!

Best Burger at Home Recipe
The magic mix is 40% Chuck, 40% Short Rib and 20% Brisket.  WTF?  Yes, you are right!  This is not super easy- hahaha.  But let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference.  First you need to find out how many burgers you plan to make.  This recipe is for 1 nice size burger, not a jumbo burger, so if you are a meat lover, you may want two (I am NOT afraid of food and I could only handle 1).  For each burger you need 1/3 pound.  There is some math to do,  AND most butchers have to grind the meat to order, so they usually say that there is a 25% loss.  So you go to the meat guy, ask him for this mix, he looks at you with a WTF look on his face and you tell him that   you want 1.2 pounds of Chuck, 1.2 pounds of Short Rib and .6 pounds of Brisket.  Put it all into the grinder and grind it out together.  This should leave you with about 36oz (the total is 2.25 pounds, but we lost .25 in the grinder) of meat enough to make 6, 6 oz burgers.  WOW that blew my mind!
Also while you are there, pick up some nice potato buns, lettuce, tomato, white onion, cheddar cheese and aioli!
Aioli? Again, kinda difficult.  So aioli is an Italian word for “garlic mayonnaise”.  I found some already made at Whole Foods, alternatively, you can press some fresh garlic into some mayo and Voila- homemade aioli!  Now I’m imagining you might want to skip this part- DON’T.  Using a special sauce like garlic-mayo is what will make yours the Best Burger EVER!  For you spicy lovers, add some Sriracha to the garlic/mayo- super yum!
Recipe for 6 burgers
1.2 Pounds Chuck
1.2 Pounds Short Rib
.6 pounds Brisket
cheddar cheese (6 thick slices)
6 Potato Buns
12 Pieces cooked bacon
1 white onion, thinly sliced
1 tomato, sliced
6 leaves of bib lettuce
1 small jar aioli
butter for bun
Kosher salt
1. Form your patties, DO NOT over work the meat, it gets goopy. About 1/2 inch thick.
2. Butter both sides of the bun, sprinkle with salt, place on baking sheet.
3. Sprinkle one side with Kosher salt and pepper, flip press an indent in the center of each patty, this prevents the patty from “puffing up”, salt and pepper again
4. Heat pan with 2 tablespoons of oil, (cast iron skillet works best if you have one) when hot, add patties
5. Cook on high heat for 3 minutes, flip.  The meat should have a nice char. DO NOT touch the burgers other than when you flip.  Any movement prevents the char from happening.
6. Top with cheese, cover with a baking pan so that cheese melts, cook for 3 more minutes
7. At this time, turn on broiler, broil buns, butter side up for the 3 minutes- watch that they don’t burn.
8. Put aioli on bottom and top buns, add meat, then tomato, onion and lettuce, top with bun- DIVE in!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch,  we wanna hear from you, how do you make burgers? What would you put on your Best Burger at Home?
Remember your relationship needs that fire that only YOU can light!

For a great drink to go with your burger check out our Bacon Bourbon Cocktail By Joel “The Kentucky Peppa”

If you want to learn more about the sensual food (sometimes even food porn) and the sexy drinks we make, be sure to follow us! Ready to get cooking? Book one of our NYC sensual couples cooking classes, just check our schedule here.

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Bacon Bourbon Cocktail By Joel

Chica- It’s time to step out of the kitchen!

Just Kidding 🙂

My wife is the queen bee in our kitchen.  It’s cool, I’m totally ok with her cooking- I may do the dishes.  HOWEVER- I am the Big Boss when it comes time for cocktails!

Let’s face it, I’m a bartender (even though she thinks she has mastered this too), I am also a professional drinker and I just plain have more experience than she does.  When we decided to concoct bacon infused bourbon- I KNEW it would be me making the magic this time.

Our 2 year old son, Xander, is obsessed with Peppa Pig (she’s a lovely British Cartoon pig) so he was my inspiration for this easy cocktail the “Kentucky Peppa”.

Bacon Bourbon Cocktail – Kentucky Peppa

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How To Make Bourbon Even More Sexy

What’s more sexy than a night by the fireplace with a good Bourbon on the rocks? We all have that food fantasy right? Well, let’s twist it a little bit to make it even BETTER! This Bacon-flavored Bourbon recipe will make sexy and gourmet drinks for you and your sweetie…

DIY – Sexy Bacon Bourbon!

Our Bacon Bourbon Recipe

You’ll need:

•    4 slices of smoked bacon: you have to have enough to get 1 oz of fat out of it!
•    750 ml of bourbon

•    Cook the bacon and keep the fat into a small bowl, let cool (make sure to have one ounce)
•    In a large bowl combine the bourbon, the bacon fat and 1 extra slice of bacon
•    Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and leave it at the room temperature for 6 hours
•    Then put the bowl into the freezer for about 8 hours for the fat to be solid.
•    Remove the fat and the bacon slice of the bowl
•    Strain the bourbon through a coffee filter into the original bottle.

If you want to learn more about the sensual food and the sexy drinks we make, make sure to follow us! If you want to book on of our sensual cooking classes, just check our schedule.

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