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Sexy Living Expert Shani Delamor is co-founder of Appetite For Seduction, the lifestyle company she founded with her sexy Latin husband Joel.

Appetite For Seduction’s mission is simple and sexy:

To show and share how to live a juicy lifestyle filled with adventure, food, and fun.

Appetite for Seduction, Shani & Joel Delamor

Shani Delamor
Sexy Living Diva

Shani DelamorMy journey all began in my grandmother’s Southern California kitchen where she entrusted me with all the secret family recipes. Cooking beside my happily-married grandparents, I learned the subtleties of the recipes…and it was there that I first discovered the connection between love and food.

After graduating from UC Boulder, I was further inspired by my travels in Europe, where I studied French in Montpellier, France – the motherland of seduction. After my studies, I lived in Italy, the country of temptation, for many years – learning the language and taking in the culinary landscape. Here, I solidified my flair for the exquisite relationship between food and love.

While in Italy, I was a contestant on La Prova del Cuoco, a popular nationally-broadcasted Italian cooking show and co-hosted a segment for Italy’s Gambero Rosso channel. I have also been featured on the Food Network’s, The Secret Life of Garlic, and host my own video podcast series Appetite for Seduction.

Based in sexy New York City, I throw dinner party cooking classes, host events, and teach Appetite for Seduction classes across the nation, including Sur La Table, The Learning Annex, Kiki de Montparnasse, and the Museum of Sex.

Joel Delamor
Professor Malowey

Joel DelamorBorn and raised in Sexico City, I came to New York City to raise up a storm and show everyone what this Mexican guru can do for you. With my lovey, Shani, I teach men how to take charge of cooking to show their women how sexy they can be in the kitchen.

From the coast of Nikki beach in western Mexico to the upscale restaurants and bars of New York City, I’ve wowed everyone with my original cocktail creations. My cocktails have been a hit wherever they are introduced – becoming a favorite of many of my clients. As a mixologist, I create atmosphere and sensation in every cocktail you sip.

My experience with the restaurant business have made me into a seasoned veteran of classy dining and creative drink-making. A few of the hotspots I’ve worked at include The Crosby Street Hotel, The Bowery Hotel and Pink Elephant NYC.

On the other hand, my experience with love and cooking is inspired by Shani and our passion to bring seduction and romance into the kitchen as well as out of it.

Kristin Noriega

Kristin Noriega PhotoAs a single gal in New York City, I believe the best way to get to know someone is by sharing a meal together.  There’s so much to be said about the man who LIKES to share his fries, or the guy who rushes through his meal never taking a minute to look up (I imagine what else he may rush through).  Either way, eating and sharing a meal is a view into the soul of another person.

For me, though, nothing will ever trump sharing a home cooked meal…nothing.   Whether it’s a Holiday “FriendsGiving”, the occasional “Hangover Helper Brunch” we whip up together after a big night of celebrating, or just a date night at home, experimenting in the kitchen, my favorite memories have been made in the kitchen with the people I love.

So grab someone you’re wild about, and come indulge in a fantastic three-course meal that will engage all your senses.  Let’s get sensual!

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Tawnya Manion DTR CDN

I live my life by the seat of my pants, love like there’s no tomorrow, laugh from the bottom of my belly, lust to eat, cook to relax, and live my life happy.

I had a boyfriend once tell me, “I know what you’re always thinking about: food and sex”. And you know what? He’s right.  I think it’s important to be yourself in a relationship- so I’m constantly creating amazing recipes jammed packed with aphrodisiacs so that both the food and sex are mindblowing!

I have a degree in Nutrition from NYU and currently work as Culinary Director: Chef/Nutritionist SMART University in the Department of Health’s Health Action Center, where I lead cooking and nutrition classes for women and youth living with HIV.  I’m adding my knowledge of nutrition to help create sexy meals for couples to teach them at Appetite For Seduction.

Bonnie Swencionis

If you want to feel sexy, you’ve got to eat sexy! I believe that with the right know-how and someone we love by our side, our experience preparing and indulging in food can be as sensual as the… ahem…later parts of the evening.

Growing up in an Italian family, food was how I learned to share love. As a teenager, when my autoimmune condition became impossible to manage with medication, I found that food was also my way to health.  Married for 6 years, and a professional model and actress for 10, I feel strongly that relationships and entertaining are intimately entwined.

I’m passionate about empowering others to find enjoyment, community, and inspiration in the kitchen. Bring a special someone and get ready to eat sexy!

Dani Baum

Sharing a meal with our lover is a deeply sensual and exciting experience. Especially when we can learn together- with all five senses involved- connectivity and intimacy are taken to a new level!

My connection to food has always been a strong part of who I am. I love surprising myself and others with experiences that promote unimaginable enjoyment (in and out of the kitchen)! I love to teach and I love to give. I take great pleasure in the textures, smells and visceral connection that is shared when cooking a meal together.

I was born and raised in NYC (yes we do exist!) and have been exposed to all the cultural cuisines available in this amazing city since I was a toddler.  Deeply inspired by the vivid cultures in the city; the element of variety in the kitchen and outside of it became a staple of how I live my life. It is my intention in life to mix up the lives of those around me!

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