About me

Hey There! So glad you are here! My name is Shani Delamor and I am the creator and founder of Appetite For Seduction. AFS (Appetite For Seduction) began in my one-bedroom apartment in NYC. Each week I’d invite 6 couples into my home, teach them basic cooking skills, entertain them with the history, power, and anecdotes of Aphrodisiacs and stir up their desire for one another. Life has now brought me to Los Angeles and a new chapter.
So in this new chapter of my life, I’m sharing the things I love the most with you! Chocolate, Coffee, Travel, Baking Cakes, Exploring the world with my 5-year-old son, Xander, and cooking. I am a Seduction Expert, Collector of Food Fantasies, Culture Adventurer and Awesome Life Manifestor. As a “Sexy Living Expert”, I am here to show you something new and exciting, and even delicious. Discover scintillating activities, get access to secret recipes, travel to new destinations, and practice the art of seduction with the best in the business. It’s all about savoring the sensual side of life, and I’m going to show you just how.

Appetite For Seduction is a curated collection of activities, events, foods and travels for the inclusive, soulful couple. We believe that experiences are worth more than objects and with each new experience we step closer to oneness with community and ourselves. We believe that happiness attracts happiness and increases the overall vibration of the world. The only free will you have is how well you respond to fate, so dive in- try something new and enjoy the life you manifest!

My journey began in my grandmother’s Southern California kitchen where she entrusted me with all the secret family recipes. Cooking beside my happily-married grandparents, I learned the subtleties of the recipes…and it was there that I first discovered the connection between love and food.
After graduating from UC Boulder, I was further inspired by my travels in Europe, where I studied French in Montpellier, France – the motherland of seduction. After my studies, I lived in Italy, the country of temptation, for many years – learning the language and taking in the culinary landscape. Here, I solidified my flair for the exquisite relationship between food and love.
While in Italy, I was a contestant on La Prova del Cuoco, a popular nationally-broadcasted Italian cooking show and co-hosted a segment for Italy’s Gambero Rosso channel. I have also been featured on the Food Network’s, The Secret Life of Garlic, and host my own video podcast series Appetite for Seduction.
Based in sexy New York City, I throw dinner party cooking classes, host events, and teach Appetite for Seduction classes across the nation, including Sur La Table, The Learning Annex, Kiki de Montparnasse, and the Museum of Sex.
We wish to share the passion of cooking and eating. Appetite for Seduction is lead by Shani Delamor, The Sensual Cooking Diva. She writes about food, eating, dining, drinking, aphrodisiacs, romance and sensuality. Shani is an international talent, fluent in Italian, Spanish and English. She resides in NYC (New York City). She is available to teach private Sensual Cooking Classes, Host Aphrodisiac Tasting Events and Demonstrate Cooking Techniques.